We are constantly receiving calls and letters with inquiries about certain things. Sometimes they aren't covered in our brochure or mailings. So here is a list of questions and answers. Within some of the questions are links that you can click on to take you to other sections of our website that provide further information on the subject. This page will be updated periodically to reflect the current questions of the day.

Most Questions are in Reference to the Residential Camp, If you have questions about the Specialized Academy, please contact us at

Can a 12 year old attend?

THE MOST ASKED QUESTION! It seems no one wants to wait one more year. Here is our position: we don't like to babysit and we don't enjoy sending kids home early. Though parents make guarantees, inevitably we wind up doing this each and every camp. This is not the YMCA. We challenge kids and 12 year olds will be participating with 17 and 18 year olds. The final call is the parents' to make. 'Nuff said.

Do I have to pay online with my credit card?

No, while that is probably the easiest way to handle registration, you can fill out the registration form online but stop when you get to the payment page. All of your details will be saved and you can mail your payment and registration.

Does my daughter really need indoor shoes?

What we mean by indoor shoes are shoes other than cleats that can be worn on an astroturf surface or on a gym floor should the sessions be moved indoors because of weather.

Does my daughter's week of camp have air conditioning?

Yes, all dorms are air-conditioned

Will my daughter have access to phone facilities at camp?

All of the dorms for all weeks of camp will have pay phones in the lobbies. These are usually swamped with campers though, so access will be limited. Campers have the option of bringing their own phone and using the jacks in their rooms to make calling card calls.

Will my daughter's room have a refrigerator, TV, and phone?

Yes, no and no. These are college dorms, and nice ones at that, but we can't provide everything for you. All items may be brought and used in the room though.

Will my daughter have access to an equipment store?

No, our camp store carries only apparel, so pack extra equipment if you have it.

Are the meals varied enough to accommodate vegetarians?

Yes they are. The dining facilities serve a wide variety of foods to satisfy all campers' needs.

What is the ratio of Staff to campers?

Each team at camp consists of two coaches and thirteen to fifteen players for a 7 to 1 ratio.

Do goalkeepers get training in the Team Camp?

Yes, the keepers are trained as a group and with their teams by our goalkeeping staff during the day and rejoin their teams at night for the games.

Can a friend or a family member in town pick up my daughter during camp to go out to eat or visit?

Yes, as long as a parent called ahead of time to give us permission to allow their daughter to leave camp with the person.

Will my daughter have access to ice/water at the camp?

There are ice machines and water fountains in the dorms and the training staff will provide ice water at each field for the campers to drink. Girls are encouraged to bring their own water container.

What kind of supervision do the campers get in the dorms?

From two to four staff members reside on each floor of the dorm should a camper need assistance. Trainers and camp administrators also reside in the dorm should a camper need emergency access to medical assistance, medical records, or a phone.

Will my daughter's roommate request be honored?

Yes. We will make every effort to honor requests. Most rooms will be doubles but in some cases triples will be available. In cases where girls have requested more than one roommate or a group of girls all requested the same person, we will make a selection. Requests for blocks of rooms near each other cannot be honored. We will not assign roommates to rooms until two weeks before each camp, therefore you have up until that time to change if need be.

How are cancellations/refunds handled?

We request that any person wanting to cancel their camp registration write us at 1120 N. Ocoee St., Cleveland, TN 37312. We must receive the written notification 14 days prior to the start of the girl's session in order to refund any payments already made, less the $150 non-refundable deposit. Any cancellations after this deadline will result in forfeiture of all payments. Refunds will be sent in August at the conclusion of the last camp.

Can I pay my balance over the phone by credit card?

Sorry. We are not set up to accept credit cards over the phone, but you can pay online with a credit card at

Will laundry facilities be available for my daughter who goes through tons of clothes?

All dorms will have coin operated laundry facilities available to campers

Can goalkeepers room with field players at the same camp?

Sure. Just indicate the roommate preference on the application.