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#SHOWCAMP what does that mean?

It is a hybrid of a showcase and baseball camp all packed into a single day event.

Typically a showcase will involve the player running a 60 yard dash, taking 5 ground balls to test arm velocity, and take 10 swings during batting practice. All these are good tests to determine the athletic ability of the player and we have not thrown these tests away. However, this is usually where the showcase ends, the player goes home and the college coach scratches his head, because he doesn't really know what kind of player he just witnessed. That is where we are different. You will now play in simulated games that allow the coach to see you in live baseball action; the true player can come out now. Seeing the player react to live balls off the bat, instincts on the base paths, and your overall baseball IQ will be much more evident to the coaches in attendance. But that's not all your going to get at our SHOWCAMP.

We have teamed up with CSSMI – a best in class baseball specific skills testing organization. At the #SHOWCAMP a player will be tested for either tee exit speed (speed of ball off of bat) and throwing speed.   The test consists of 10 swings or 5 throws and is videotaped with the display of the speed recorded (put in link to a test).  Once tested, the player’s maximum speed will be placed on National, State and County Leaderboards; with access to the test video.  Players will then have the ability to log-in to their own FREE profile page and enter some personal, athletic and academic data, upload a picture and create their own bio (text, links to other video, etc).  Once your profile is complete players will also have the ability to invite coaches to view their certified skill video at CSSMI.  Coaches will have the added benefit o f FREE access to our searchable database.  If you have the skills they are looking for – they can find you like never before.

We are all about the moniker Make A Statement and as a partnership between MBP/MAS we feel the player will be given the best of both worlds, at the price of one. At the end of every event the athlete will be able to take home their video content to do with as they please. No more waiting weeks to receive your footage, the power is now back in your hands.

Don’t miss out on the movement, Make A Statement this summer…